Riverfront Real Estate

This refreshed brand identity for Riverfront Real Estate was created as part of a faux brief to demonstrate design thinking and strategy, along with the application of this approach into a cohesive brand and supporting collateral.

The goal of this brief was to take an existing Australian brand, analyse the brand’s current standing amid its competitors, formulate an approach to tackle distinct issues facing the company, and propose a potential rebrand in a pitch deck format.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos contained wherein are intellectual property of their respective owners. They have been used under a creative commons license where the intent is purely demonstrative and no financial or monetary interest is to be gained through the creation or publication of this work.

Purple forms the primary brand colour, relating to the brand’s bold and striking personality, while connoting feelings of knowledge, luxury and sophistication.
Blue denotes the Home sub-brand, acting as a welcoming guide to new homeowners, symbolising comfort, familiarity and community.
Burgundy refers to the Brick sub-brand, catering to commercial enterprises while embodying heritage, honesty and stability.
Green acts as the Grass sub-brand, which covers real estate with undeveloped potential, typified by authenticity, harmony and nature.

We recognise the First Peoples of Australia, their Elders past, present and emerging. We pay our respects to the traditional storytellers, artists and owners of the land on which we live and work on today.

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